Next level of Digital Podium Advertising

Digital Podium marketing is that traders earn point of sale retail sales this year with much more openly in spending on online opportunities. It was the latest results from the annual sale of State line-2016: marketing and merchandising of the National Retail Federation and Forrester report.

According to the report, is the search engines search optimization marketing priorities, with 53% of the increase are still on SEO, while 37% plan to continue spending barn plapodium1ns. Growing also are email marketing research and paid. But now, it seems that social media stealing light and expenses. were divided more into value growing social media and exactly where plan retail marketing specialists to develop their minds and their money. In recent years, email marketing has acquired best-selling retail followed by social media investment. These two efforts have provided much of the marketing than any another tactical budget throughout the year. But the Commander of the social networks
is now more attention and allocation than ever before. But this is not the only area to make major investments. While podiums valet parking marketing a priority is also budget, according to the report, retailers plan to increase their investments in digital marketing activities: 76% spend more on social networks 53 percent spend more on SEO 52 percent spend more in search of payment for portable devices 50% spend more on Google with the registry and the Bing product announcements With their willingness to run their budgets to digital trade show marketing of retail who believe in the power of digital marketing, as well as the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing trust, good cost per click and protect your brand image to calculate. Pass a check of the moment developments in digital marketing. Advertising ODM 561-338-7797 today or visit Advertising of the WCO, headquartered in Boca Raton, New York, NY, advertising agency is one of the top image of Florida companies.

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Elder Dragonflies share some of their advice:

Trying to please everyone is the surest
way to lose yourself.

The secret of success is always
holding true to your values.

A person who has confidence in themself
earns the confidence of others.
Not the other way around.

Some people are only happy when they are unhappy.
All that can be done is to be kind and tolerant
and hope that you rub off.

The customer is always right,
even when he’s wrong.
That’s hard to swallow, but it’s good business.

It’s a kinder thing to disagree
than it is to give in to something that
is against your beliefs.
Because when you give what you do not have,
you lose a part of yourself, and fill the empty spot with resentment.

Set your rules and stick to them.
Do not make special allowances.
This is fair to all and
kinder than favoring one over another.

If someone asks you to share a secret,
and you do not wish to, respectfully tell them so.
Don’t give in to pressure.
Feeling good for the moment at your own expense
will only hurt you worse in the end.

Remember, just because something works
for one person doesn’t mean it will work for another.
Find your own way and you will enjoy
your accomplilshments so much more.

Some say talent is a gift.
Others say it’s learned.
We say it’s a gift, because even if it’s learned
a person must have the gift of learning
in order to comprehend it.

Follow your heart and let your audience find you.
Following trends that are not really you, is in essence, putting
chains on your creativity, and sentencing yourself
to servitude.

Sometimes you must ask yourself,
“am I creating because I am an artist,
or am I being an artist for others who cannot create?”

We always have choices.
When we feel we have no choices,
it’s our choice to feel that way.

Strong as who I am

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I’m not STRONG because of my inner strength. I’m strong because He who is in me is greater than the world. God gives me strength to overcome obstacles thrown at me from a distance. God gave me strength to not only focus my eyes on him but trust in him.

Without him I would not be here. Did it ever cross my mind to be suicidal? Nope! Never crossed my mind. Nobody is worth you taking your life no matter how difficult the situation is.audi1

Perhaps that was the master plan to make me lose it as to end my life but I’m smarter than that in all senses. Obsession can really be lethal and demonic activity is real. (Don’t need to spell it out some know what I’m talking about)

I’ve always said every problem has a solution. And I’m a solution type of female. I’m type of person who does a auto detailing service every other month.

So, I end this post with saying. You lost devil. I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race strong! I have kept the faith!

Good riddens!

In memory of Pastor Mays my old pastor, mentor for many years which is smiling up above! <3


Prestige Luxury Brands

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How are you able to tell the tell tell signs of a prestigious brand or person?  It’s in clothing, cars, neighborhood, banks, universities, music (classical) 

Wine anyone? 🍷 Prestige earns admiration from their audience. Prestige is all about elevating one’s position to its highest level.  Prestige tells the world what we value while increasing our perceived value.  Prestige: Luxury brands. Dior, Gucci, LV, Chanel, Tiffany’s Hollywood, High Lux Magazines, Ads, New York Fashion Week…. As prestigious brands it’s important not to lose value 💎 but to increase value.  When value has been minimized or completely lost its hard to retain back but not impossible.

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, VALUE is in the mind of the consumer.  It’s very easy to lose value. A car loses value, DVD becomes obsolete & the newest Apple IPhone 7 must-haves becomes next season’s has-beens.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while”

She composes songs

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I write blogs so don’t do me wrong 

Honest and open, independent and self-reliant, you never run away from the truth — and that672pic includes lying. You stand up for yourself and are comfortable being alone.

You aren’t easily impressed or star struck, and if you were to become famous, it wouldn’t change your own opinion about yourself. You’d still treat everyone as you always have, and more importantly, you wouldn’t expect to be treated any differently.

You’d be friendly to your fans and as accessible as possible. After all, they’re the ones who make you famous!

Today I celebrate Freedom

Freedom of speech, freedom of loving myself unapologetically, freedom of the past, freedom of my perfectionist self, freedom of feeling stuck, freedom of feeling fear, freedom of being watched (stalkers) freedom of caring too much of people’s opinions, freedom of needing to be right, freedom of toxic situations, freedom of having to act tough to be accepted (hustler)

The past 8 years have taught me valuable lessons in life. To be strong when everything goes wrong and never give up. God doesn’t give anything to you that you are not able to handle and therefore you will come out stronger.

If your going through something difficult put your game face on and deal with the overcoming. You will feel triumphant when all is said and done.

“Nothing ever goes away until it taught us what we need to know” – Pema Chodron

What I’ve learned is how beautifully strong I AM. The journey continues now…confidentially at peace with self and committed to the process of transformation. 🐝

This weekend had a breakthrough and very much happy. Xoxo!

Ever wonder where your money goes to when helping charitable organizations?

Every month ‪#‎Xanadu‬ has beach clean ups collecting plastics, harmful objects that may be found in water and damage our environment and educate peeps how to keep our seas clean-free 🙂

A movement for trash-free seas from Huntington Beach, Santa Monica, Sunset Beach, Hermosa, Long Beach, Redondo….

Would be cool to have Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro on the map 🙂 I’ve volunteered on Earth day collecting tons of metals, plastics etc…. and was educated in knowing they use plastics and metals to create products.

It’s all about investing

Last year I invested in his Blogging Academy to learn how to blog from A to Z! I remember messaging him & asking him “Do you teach how to create your blog?” He said Yep! All of it step by step…

So I invested in it and build my blog and learned other cool stuff from graphics to topics to blog about and ways to keep it simple. Although the blog I built is no longer online due to finances and went with a free blogging platform like blogger which I’m getting lots of eyeballs totally recommend this guy to anyone wanting to learn how to blog.

It all started here for me & now I’m getting companies wanting me to blog about them 🙂


While doing research found out hibiscus flowers (infused as tea) aids in closing gallstones (rocks) Now I think that ROCKS!!!

Is kicking rocks literally!

I know I’m not the only one that’s had rocks and therefore sharing what I’ve read. There is no need for surgery peeps! I’ve always believed your body heals itself with faith and natural remedies…

I postponed my surgery and THANK GOD surgery was not done on me when I went in the E.R. in April of this year! Only God knows why! Every delay is a blessing in disguise!

I’m very PASSIONATE about health ever since I was diagnosed with tiny gallstones in my tummy because a close young beautiful person in my life died of having a horrible bad surgery on gallstones. Lots of infections and suffered soo much it makes me sad! Left us too early.

I’m feeling GREATFUL and BLESSED to know I don’t need surgery! As long as I’m consistent drinking this yummy water there is Hope!

God is Good!