Elder Dragonflies share some of their advice:

Trying to please everyone is the surest
way to lose yourself.

The secret of success is always
holding true to your values.

A person who has confidence in themself
earns the confidence of others.
Not the other way around.

Some people are only happy when they are unhappy.
All that can be done is to be kind and tolerant
and hope that you rub off.

The customer is always right,
even when he’s wrong.
That’s hard to swallow, but it’s good business.

It’s a kinder thing to disagree
than it is to give in to something that
is against your beliefs.
Because when you give what you do not have,
you lose a part of yourself, and fill the empty spot with resentment.

Set your rules and stick to them.
Do not make special allowances.
This is fair to all and
kinder than favoring one over another.

If someone asks you to share a secret,
and you do not wish to, respectfully tell them so.
Don’t give in to pressure.
Feeling good for the moment at your own expense
will only hurt you worse in the end.

Remember, just because something works
for one person doesn’t mean it will work for another.
Find your own way and you will enjoy
your accomplilshments so much more.

Some say talent is a gift.
Others say it’s learned.
We say it’s a gift, because even if it’s learned
a person must have the gift of learning
in order to comprehend it.

Follow your heart and let your audience find you.
Following trends that are not really you, is in essence, putting
chains on your creativity, and sentencing yourself
to servitude.

Sometimes you must ask yourself,
“am I creating because I am an artist,
or am I being an artist for others who cannot create?”

We always have choices.
When we feel we have no choices,
it’s our choice to feel that way.

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