Strong as who I am

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I’m not STRONG because of my inner strength. I’m strong because He who is in me is greater than the world. God gives me strength to overcome obstacles thrown at me from a distance. God gave me strength to not only focus my eyes on him but trust in him.

Without him I would not be here. Did it ever cross my mind to be suicidal? Nope! Never crossed my mind. Nobody is worth you taking your life no matter how difficult the situation is.audi1

Perhaps that was the master plan to make me lose it as to end my life but I’m smarter than that in all senses. Obsession can really be lethal and demonic activity is real. (Don’t need to spell it out some know what I’m talking about)

I’ve always said every problem has a solution. And I’m a solution type of female. I’m type of person who does a auto detailing service every other month.

So, I end this post with saying. You lost devil. I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race strong! I have kept the faith!

Good riddens!

In memory of Pastor Mays my old pastor, mentor for many years which is smiling up above! <3


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