Today I celebrate Freedom

Freedom of speech, freedom of loving myself unapologetically, freedom of the past, freedom of my perfectionist self, freedom of feeling stuck, freedom of feeling fear, freedom of being watched (stalkers) freedom of caring too much of people’s opinions, freedom of needing to be right, freedom of toxic situations, freedom of having to act tough to be accepted (hustler)

The past 8 years have taught me valuable lessons in life. To be strong when everything goes wrong and never give up. God doesn’t give anything to you that you are not able to handle and therefore you will come out stronger.

If your going through something difficult put your game face on and deal with the overcoming. You will feel triumphant when all is said and done.

“Nothing ever goes away until it taught us what we need to know” – Pema Chodron

What I’ve learned is how beautifully strong I AM. The journey continues now…confidentially at peace with self and committed to the process of transformation. 🐝

This weekend had a breakthrough and very much happy. Xoxo!

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