Tree Removal Tips

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Now with the continuing  heat and moisture in the southern States this summer, the autumn, many of you already in front, cold weather can think. One of the things that the Patriots of the South are leaves and the red and orange leaves of wide range of gold that can be found in the mountains of northern Georgia. If you are interested, a little closer to home color can assure you that your garden is the envy of the neighborhood by planting some trees or shrubs that on a big screen in the autumn and bloom during the months of spring of colour throughout the year.

Thousands of Golden autumn of Gingko biloba Ginkgo or growing tree Ginkgos are known for their spectacular show of yellow in the autumn months. Ginkgo is a close relative of conifers, but instead of needles, has beautiful leaves fan. Are the leaves similar to the one of the thousands of ferns? in fact, the Ginkgo is known in some areas as thousands of trees. Ginkgo can grow as high as 80 feet, but most of the types of rounds up to 40 feet. Smoke, cutting care tree removal (COTINUS Coggygria) Bush smoke is also called the Smoketree, as it can be any shrub or truncated, they grow into a small tree. Smokebush long stems with hair pink with small yellow flowers blooming in June, veiled when flowers begin to fade. The Smokebush appears as purple color and gives the impression of smoke, therefore the name Smokebush. In autumn, the leaves turn red, yellow or orange. The variety of Royal purple has purple leaves, has an intense red and Lima Ancot leaves, than a fiery orange.

The Smokebush makes a beautiful addition to any garden. Katsoura (Cercidiphyllum Japonicium) Japanese maple tree The Katsura tree has branches that look like soft, rounded leaves. The Katura is known for its ability to shade in the summer before offering to a large display of pink and yellow foliage in autumn color. As the leaves fall, the tree produces a penetrating aroma, many owners say is similar to the brown sugar. The Katsura is growing in pyramid and so high and wide as you can grow 60 feet. Maple (Acer spp.) The sugar maple is a popular addition to gardens in Georgia and produced striking, red, Orange and yellow foliage. Maple trees can grow as high as 75 feet tall and 40 feet wide. If you are interested in a smaller tree, you can register the smaller Japanese varieties. Watch out for trees of Amur and Maple from Norway, which is an invasive species. Ostredbud tree (Cercis spp.) Despite the name Redbud, Cercis Siliquastrum produces flowers bright pinkish purple in spring, before the heart-shaped leaves begin to appear. Many varieties have been leaves, yellowing, and a variety called forest Pansy purple reddish fall leaves in the autumn. Cercis are extremely drought-tolerant and can be grown in areas that appear slightly shaded. Eastern European varieties grow to close to 35 feet and Western variety around 17 1/2 feet high.

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